Recruitment Policy

The success or failure of any service contract is determined by the quality and reliability of the staff being employed to carry out the work. This fact is true no matter who the employer is. All employers are competing for staff and most are governed by the hourly rate of pay and work location. These facts dictate how easy or difficult it is to attract staff when employers "fish in the labour pool" for staff.

However, pay rates and locations are merely the starting point. We refuse to compromise on a number of other factors, which we consider to be critical.

We consider it our prime duty to do all we can to protect our clients from potential staff problems. We do that by never compromising on the following company policy: -

a. Always conduct a face-to-face interview.

b. Never interview casually, in the street or a cafe or restaurant.

c. Prove beyond all-reasonable doubt the person is who they say they are.

d. Insist on seeing original documentation (not photocopies) of work permits and passports.

e. Establish a minimum of two recent references

f. Ensure the applicant can fill in the application form unassisted.

g. Ensure the applicant can read and communicate to an acceptable standard in English.

h. Determine the applicant’s experience.

i. All staff who come into contact with Children and vulnerable adults are CRB vetted.

I have known JoRecruitment since 2004 and have always been impressed with their proactiveness and can-do attitude. As cleaning service providers they are extremely reliable and carry out their business in a thoroughly professional manner. read more
- Jeremy Swan, Managing Director Cicero Consulting, London


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